Configuration could not be verified is the username or password incorrect

8. The user name or password is incorrect. Impala server certificates will NOT be verified (set --ca_cert to change) The IP address attempting to connect to Gigya does not have permission. When I download a PDF file from an Interactive Report using Actions->Download, the contents of the file are in XML and within the file it says: ORA-20001: The printing engine could not be reached because either the URL specified is incorrect or a proxy URL needs to be specified. There is no verification on Broker so you could be using a none trusted  Similar Issues Login Issues Password Reset Troubleshooting Steps Make sure you If you have not completed the Night Owl X App Initial setup, please follow the NOTE: You will not be able to login to the app without confirming the Email Address first. In case you don't trust the previous link, the whole way to get to the page However, I kept getting the same error 'unable to verify user name or password'. If one of the next two lines contains I AUTH-NAK, either your PAP username or PAP password is incorrect. I never had problems when I was with mozilla/thunderbird. We hope this helps to resolve common issues with Azure Backup. g. Need access to an account? If your company has an existing Red Hat account, your organization administrator can grant you access. login is attempted and the password change interval has passed since the last password change. One of our users cannot log into CRM for Outlook. 1. Yahoo Mail Password Recovery without Phone Number|Using Alternate Email Id - Duration: 3:29. Your email address is incorrect. office365. Joined client01 to realm EXAMPLE. VOILA! Gd Luck! “configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong?” you have to double check the configuration. gov". any reference to smtp. In the Value field enter that doctor’s VetConnect password and then click OK • If the doctor already has a username and password, try removing and re-entering the password. If you can Username: your full email address The device might say it's an optional configuration but if you don't enter them, you won't be able to send emails. I changed my admin account password last night, the same account that was used to install BE. com should be The only way I could fix this problem was to actually add my username and password in the SMTP settings, even though they're optional. IIS could not verify the identity of the username and password provided. You can also click on the click here to also update other connectors using  Jul 3, 2019 In this tutorial we look at how to configure username and password restrictions on Important Note: The mosquitto_passwd utility did not work on my Windows of connecting a client to a broker with incorrect and correct passwords. It says Configuration could not be verified. Overview. org) to automatically find Further, the configuration wizard verifies the password is accurate on the page you enter it. If you are still unable to log on, contact your system administrator as your credentials may be invalid or there may be a problem with the authentication system. When you specify the Searching User credentials for your authentication server, you can choose whether to specify only the username or to also specify the password. - OR - Access was denied. Click on your username Although the user enters correct credentials, he/she receives the “The username or password is incorrect” and has to re-enter the username and password. Hi, Fairly new SCCM install however this problem appeared yesterday. iOS "not verified" for trusted certificate ‎02-20-2015 02:43 AM Was trying to get our wifi up and running with trusted certificates so nobody would ever have to click through any warning anymore and get used to this and actualy take notice somewhere down the line when they do get a valid warning. 312 Username prompt (no username provided) Finally I logged into my account on my MacBook Pro -- the same account I have had and have used successfully for years, with the same password. dns update failed. If you do not specify the password for the Searching User, the Server Connection page Results section only includes the authentication status and group information if you specify secure username/password authentication issue in WCF service application ("Unknown Username or Incorrect Password"); // When you do not want to throw an Why does Practice Fusion lock after a certain amount of time? How do I add my NPI and DEA numbers to my account? How do I set up my phone? Why can't I log in with my Practice ID & Username? How can I delete my Practice Fusion account? Can I export patient charts from one Practice Fusion account and import them into a separate account? The username or password configured in the OPC Server for Citect configuration settings is incorrect. These are the errors I am seeing: CONSOLE: [cloudera@quickstart impalad]$ impala-shell --ssl Starting Impala Shell without Kerberos authentication SSL is enabled. Incorrect or modified LDAP Setup or Address book configuration. I can ping between the cloud and the router, but CCP doesn't seem to accept the username and password although they're correct and I tried different ip addresses, tried logging to ccp as an administrator, I restarted the PC several times, tried different IOS, also correct http and vty configurations I get an incorrect user name or password alert when attempting to sign in at iCloud. Click “Ok”. 1 and XP. I've gotten errors such as "printer is unable to validate the server’s security certificate", "Can not connect to Server, try again later", and "log in and password incorrect". Do you enable 2FA on your email account? If you enabled 2FA you need to recreate a new "app specified password" from your email provider  I had the same problem before, you have to double check the configuration. i configured the static IP address for the Ilo, and when I tried to login I entered the default Id and password, that comes on the card but for some reason it is not accepting the password. Can Practice Fusion be used for educational purposes? Does Practice Fusion provide assistance with exporting our data from other software? Can Practice Fusion be used internationally? How do we backup our data from Practice Fusion? What is the Emergency Access setting? What is the Infobutton Configuration Setting? 5º) Open another query window and write this next "UPDATE Cashier SET Password = 'ZZZ' WHERE Number = XX', where ZZZ is the password You want to have for this Cashier (could be 'Password' again) and XX is the ID value of the user/cashier, in your case 1. I did join one other server to the domain with the same user and the same password and I am sure that I type the correct password. . Says configuration could not be verified. ” Unable to configure Mail Account to Exchange I could not get past the configuration page. 6º) the result should be one record affected Credentials could not be verified, username or password is invalid. Solution #9: Change your Live-ID password to be in compliance. CSharp, Version=1. Acquiring a token with username password. The resource is configured for Anonymous authentication, but the configured anonymous account either has an invalid password or was disabled. Installing SQL Server 2012 for Configuration Manager 2012 R2. Incorrect configuration can lead to skipping AD password verification. In your Apps Control Panel, access your SSO setup page by navigating to Advanced Tools > Set up single sign-on. I went in and changed my password. Verify that you can connect to the identity store outside of ArcGIS Server using the same parameters. Unable to connect to sync server due to authentication failure. EXAMPLE. To delete a configuration profile directly from an iPad or iPhone, follow these steps:. (SSLVPN authentication failed) Could not download the configuration from the server. Verifying username and password in C#. Be careful typing this password in, as you do not get a chance to confirm it. com; below are some common line entries that need to be changed Hello, I have a Proliant server, with ILo in it. (upon creating account) - "Configuration could not be verified - Is username or password wrong?" (trying to tweak some setting via manual configuration) - "Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your account. Exceptions can also be viewed in the GUI under Configuration > Policy > Exceptions > View Exceptions, Current Exceptions and click view. 1-888-302-0444 Contact For Help 114,163 views Receiver for iPad/phone not working - Verify your credentials configuration. A window will pop-up asking you to confirm your sign-in with gmail (enter your regular password here) and then confirm the authentication on the device you setup during 2-step authentication (your mobile phone). This is when you check if there is a federation trust between Azure AD / O365 and your STS/ADFS. accelerator could not be verified due to invalid name or password", tried extra error message "Failed due to a bad user name or password". unsupported_protocol virus_detected. Situation 1 The password and username are the ones Confirm is using to log in to the database, not a user in Confirm. This is the script I ran after 18. This means that we knew the username and password had to be correct! Some quick Bing’ing suggested that this could be an issue with incorrect local credentials. You could easily write a script that would just append the user's common name (CN) to automate the process. This is done in TextualPrompt(). / Security / Access Control and Account Management / Troubleshooting Problems Connecting to MySQL 6. com and got it to work. “There is a problem communicating with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. G Suite parses the SAML Response for a XML element called a NameID, and expects that this element either contains a G Suite username or a full G Suite email address. JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals. Please share your views and thoughts in the comments section. Twitter sends the unlock code as a text message to the mobile telephone number you entered when you established your account or, if one is not on file, Twitter will ask you to enter one when you setup login verification. example. Back on Apple TV, it is still giving me the "incorrect password" message even when I put in the new one. " is displayed. was nothing wrong with my account and I should contact Apple. I've change the SMTP settings numberous times, added a special password for gmail to connect. dll Additional information: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft. If you are a new customer, register now for access to product evaluations and purchasing capabilities. something else I just noticed that I feel silly about is that this unit is an spa122 not 112. 2. Which password is used during the installation of a Personal Edition or an Across Server for installing the MS SQL Server 2005 Express? How is the "sa" password written? Could not retrieve directory listing The user name or password is incorrect. COM Even with above errors client01 is joined to Windows AD domain. There may be a typo in the email address, the email might belong to If you have access to the email account but you're not getting the verification email, it's likely either  Confirm your login credentials (Username and Password) are correct; Reset your directs to the correct login page; Confirm your browser does not block Salesforce cookies you do not have a password, make sure to follow the verification steps noted in your In Salesforce Classic select Setup | Manage Users | Profiles. THis should add an <identity> element to the client endpoint with the certificate information for security, so that you don't have to install the service public cert on the client side. The <credentials> element of the <authentication> element specifies credentials for IIS Manager user accounts. If this applies to only one user, it is likely the user details are incorrect. To add an element to the todo list, first the program will try to acquire a token silently from the cache Program. COM username or password is incorrect. I've also tried to copy the password from Notepad into the password field. Incorrect credentials such as username and password. Dec 6, 2018 Verify your NameID format setting in Handshake SSO Preferences Seems likely the config has an incorrect value for that field, Sorry, we couldn't find your Also test your bind settings (Host IP, server username /password)  If the password is incorrect, you can change it following the instructions here. webhosting. example. Set the username and password as you are doing already. Source: Scan From the Control Panel . Note that the username and password values entered when configuring the devlink in the OPC Server for Citect is the login credentials for a Citect user stored in the Citect configuration database, not a Windows user. initial username/password test, Twitter will hold continued access until an unlock code is correctly entered. Verify the correct instance server name is selected. I've tried to remove the client and reboot a few times with the same result. For step-by-step instructions to set this up see: Outlook and 2-Step Verification for Gmail accounts. Click Save and Test to complete the folder configuration. Discusses how to sign in to Skype for Business Online by using Lync for Mac and how to collect log files for Lync for Mac issues. 0. • VetConnect/VetConnect Plus Password: In the field below Default Value do a right-click, New. Your domain name could either be the name of the domain you are connected to, or the name of your PC. The password supplied to IIS was not typed correctly. However, we knew that not to be the case here. Not able to get that which username's password is incorrect. Failed to refresh the identity store configuration. If it is authenticated proxy, do specify username and password. Each time a SMTP client tries to deliver a new message to hMailServer, the client is re-authenticated to ensure that the username and password is still valid. When i entered username and password, clicked ok. of the password fields for Citrix Receiver (I'm not sure which specific clients Oh! i missed one more configuration file that reside under users in c. So I decided to do some troubleshooting along with Googling. com (Hotmail), Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, AOL or  Jun 27, 2019 One of such issues is the “The username or password is incorrect or POP3/IMAP . Third party websites may not provide accurate or updated setup information so As of this writing, you can also verify your account using an  Sep 9, 2018 Why is Dovecot not working for me? For example add "garbage=blah" to the config file and verify that Dovecot If it's trying to use a wrong password scheme, you can change that. Try again later. Do you want to try connect using the most recent configuration? Please can someone help me with the solution. 02 to AirWatch we are facing an issue: 1. “The system could not log you on. Check the username and password. The license could not be verified: License Certificate has expired! 403100: Pending password change: When accounts. Changing the login identifier setting requires you to add a user name field to the default screen-sets or to create your own screen-sets if the screen-set was created prior to October 26th, 2015. . Thanks. So lets look at the steps to install SQL Server 2012 with SP1 (x64 Bit). I just setup 7. * Fixed configuration options of FailedThresholdCallback could not be invoke when the value less then three. The specified user name or the password is invalid. i try to give again citrix credentials also it is not accepting. The message indicates that the account or password does not exist or is incorrect . Have a look at here:  Feb 6, 2012 yeah, all of those settings are correct at the point where you config is " Configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong? configuration instructions, and was met with the incorrect password issue. Router#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. If you encountered this problem, it doesn't mean you have to reinstall the system, maybe these tips could help you. cs, line 218, if this acquisition fails, the program asks for a user name password and creates an instance of UserCredential. 17 Troubleshooting Problems Connecting to MySQL If you encounter problems when you try to connect to the MySQL server, the following items describe some courses of action you can take to correct the problem. The on this screen, delete whatever is entered under "Password" and re-enter your login password for the account; when you click "Done" at the top of the keyboard, it will show a series of checkmarks next to each field to let you know the outgoing smtp server configuration is correct. Download free today! Register. The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. * Fixed SendAsync or ExecuteAsync recursion retries bug. we cannot use the email of the user (or any email @tfo. Very weird because all of the BE services and the backup accounts are dedicated service accounts, not my admin account. " (trying to send mail) - "Sending of message failed. Email Client Thunderbird Configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong? Solution: Make sure you have the correct email address 7. That works, and the account seems ok. Cannot setup Thunderbird with IMAP in through webmail, but Thunderbird says its not correct password or email. com and smtp. com, in iCloud preferences, in iCloud for Windows, or in a third-party app Make sure that you're entering your entire Apple ID when you sign in (for example, if your Apple ID is username@me. I am positive that I have the correct IP/USER/PASS. A new connection is necessary, which requires re-authentication. Can anyone help with this . I am only able to enter the username, password, and internal Sep 23, 2011 Email Client Thunderbird Configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong? Solution: Make sure you have the correct  I keep getting an error message: "configuration could not be verified - is the username or password incorrect?" Thinking it was a password problem (although I  Updated my DNS with the correct settings for imap. CodeAnalysis. The server should now be able to communicate to Azure Backup Service using the proxy details specified. We have experienced the issue with an account editing form where an incorrect password is automatically being entered in to the password change field, and an incorrect username into the field directly above it (which is Mobile Tel. I am giving my AD credentials it is not accepting. I have Thunderbird 3. Incomplete or Incorrect Database Login Information I can open and view the report in Crystal Reports but when I try to open it through the BI Launch Pad I get: The viewer could not process an event. not sure if that matters - latest firmware. Could the username or password be wrong. The message pops out when we try to access the main page of the website from within the local network only. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: [/r/sysadmin] Wrong username/password when logging into Jabber If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. any reference to your username should be changed to the format "username@anl. Oct 31, 2018 Forcepoint Install Fails With “Cannot Connect To SQL Server” Error Time Monitor and other logging services, the Setup installer displays error: The " Cannot Connect to SQL Server" error may appear if an incorrect user name or password is used. User Action: 1. Troubleshooting SMTP problems Browse by products and services Incorrect username or password. Mar 29, 2019 Issue. The certificate request may not be properly signed with the correct EKU (OTP registration authority application policy), or the user does not have the “Enroll” permission on the DA OTP template As per event viewer it seems that username or password is incorrect. 0, Culture In some cases, when you set up an AOL Mail account at a different mobile app, you may not be required to enter the IMAP settings. 11. I've scripted a procedure that creates a new management account, and deletes the old one. "Configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong?" I've verified email address (I assume this is the username in the error) and password are correct. Incorrect credentials were cached by the browser. Discovery failed—Cisco CP could not discover the device. Could you please advise. I am able to sign in to the other DC with the same username and password. Error: The Managed Account Password could not be reset. Remoting will work. Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password I believe the problem is due to a setting in secpol of the windows server system. Management Authentication Credentials <credentials> 09/26/2016; 5 minutes to read; In this article. If the user cannot log in the causes may be that the database profile name, username or password are incorrect in the configuration file. If using MFP's credentials to log into the share, make sure that the username and password combination used in creating the MFP template is the same as the one needed to log into the share. : Username, Email, Full Name, Password) are not correct after a successful sync. Provide the proxy address and port. 2018-03-21 10:45:59. Description AnyConnect detected that the tunnel MTU is incorrect. The User Schema Settings may be incorrect or the value within the attributes is incorrect. Choose the doctor from the Doctor drop-down. I verified the username and password to connect to Active directory server and they seem to be correct. How to Fix iCloud Username or Password is Incorrect Issue iCloud says username or password is incorrect Get A Message That ICloud Username Or Password VERIFIED SOLUTION i The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Number not username!). I have mounted the DVD on to the Windows Server 2012 R2, open the SQL server folder, run the setup as administrator. Check the use I login a Mercury Quality Center at a PC, and run a test set, and I set the host on a remote machine. I'm at a loss. X509:<I>DC=com,DC=company,CN=Internal CA NAME<S>DC=com,DC=company,OU=Users,CN=John Q. On your Apple device, set the password in your IBM Traveler account to be your new IBM Traveler login password. For example, when you add an AOL Mail account to the iPhone Mail app, go to the Accounts section in the iPhone's settings and select the AOL icon. In this post we will see how to install Configuration Manager clients by using client push. B. gov should be changed to smtp. Check your server username and password in ActiveSync Options: The credentials provided to access the server are incorrect or you are not enabled for synchronization or your password has expired. User details (e. It shows "The program could not Gitlab HTTPS URI for repository cloning does not work - SSL host could not be verified - fatal: unable to access SSL host could not be verified (set http The one-time password provided by the user was correct, but the issuing certification authority (CA) refused to issue the OTP logon certificate. Change Log for Nagios Log Server. I am 100% certain the password is fine - but Thunderbird says no. DirectoryServicesCOMException Message: The user name or password is incorrect. could not be verified - is the username or password wrong ? Apr 25, 2018 Outlook can't connect to Gmail: Password incorrect and the login will fail even when you supply the correct password. You can also rebuild your mail configuration files with the I'm trying to connect to the WHS console from my computer inside my network and it keeps telling me that I am typing an incorrect password. Have sent 2 messages for support and have received nothng back. thanks Bug information is viewable for customers and partners who have a service contract. For example, it could be that you have a slow network or there is query performance issue. Failed to update the identity store configuration. The status column in the domain settings says that the user does not have Admin Privilege? This is a  MySite Password reset and login; How did my account get locked If you did not receive this information or have lost it, contact Admissions and If you try to type in the incorrect password repeatedly without success, your account may be disabled. The VPN connection was torn down, but a new connection to enforce the correct tunnel MTU could not be This is still happening in Chrome 13. This is a critical email to have on my phone due to I am the Executive Director of this non profit. Contains information about how to troubleshoot Lync for Mac issues in Skype for Business Online for Office 365. It keeps coming up log in info is incorrect. During the Bridge configuration, you will be asked to enter your Bridge password. 01 or 7. IIS Manager users can use IIS Manager to connect to sites and applications for which they are authorized by a server Not 100% sure that this is resolved but I am getting a VM backup now. The server might be unavailable. I verified all above username and password correctly and don't seems that its wrong. 3. EDIT: I Repaired my installation and it seems to be working now. This is needed since there is no limitation on how long a SMTP client may stay connected to hMailServer as long as it is sending messages. After installing the configuration manager in your environment, you would first configure the discovery and boundaries. To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the "Verified" symbol in some Experts' profiles. This program occurs on Windows 10 V1709 version exceptionally and most frequently strikes PCs that were upgraded to latest Windows 10 build from earlier versions. Nagios Log Server provides log monitoring for servers and network equipment. * update samples. anl. Select Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > IBM Traveler > Account Info > Password, and then make the change. There are no hard and fast rules as what could be done here and more investigations may be necessary as to be what could be causing the issue. note that if your email address and username differ, this will not be the same as your email address. Ensure that you entered your details correctly and try again. Note that your PAP username and password are case sensitive. See Authentication/PasswordSchemes. Does anyone know which configuration setting or key would be required to allow non-administrators access to the vcenter through vsphere client? Thanks, Pete The certificate has to be mapped in x509 format. <identity impersonate="true" userName="domain\user" password="password" /> Everything else about your setup seems correct. Check out the latest features available in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, including LinkedIn Connect, Voice of the Customer and Universal Resource Scheduling. This is typically caused by an incorrect username and/or password, but could also be caused by network problems. 1 and I recently changed my Gmail password, I created a new account with the new Thunderbird and added my new googles password, when I finish the account it says "configuration could not be verified - is the username or password wrong?" Thnderbird doesn't understand the correct password i inputted for my gmail account. Select IMAP 10. Both these issues could be environment or SQL Server related. Request #225670 when trying to enroll a new device with iOS 7. It keeps saying that the new password is incorrect- but I know its correct as i've checked it online and on my phone. NOTE: If you are receiving a “Username or Password is incorrect! The mobile phone number has not been verified and is used by more than one user During login, the message "Incorrect user ID or password. --> done! I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Could not connect to the identity store as one or more of the connection parameters is incorrect. after login to the citrix with credentials in win7 i am able to login but when i am access the applications of citrix it is asking for proxy credentials ( proxy server:8080 and username, password). Aborted login (no auth attempts) means that the client isn't even attempting to log in. Exception: System. Please ensure that your folder is still set to share properly. ". Configure Outlook with an Outlook. your Salesforce Connector · Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO) Email Verification INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token, user not active, On the Salesforce connector that is on your connector timeline, click configure. At this point, you need to reconfigure your PAP username and password using this sequence of commands. Also, I have verified that I can download the file using a web browser. Registered users can view up to 200 bugs per month without a service contract. Click Continue 9. com, make sure that you aren't trying to sign in with just “username”). net ads join -U administrator Could not connect to server ADSERVER1. The Mozzila support says it must be an Outlook issue. I am expect to see Impala prompt me for a user name or password but instead I get errors. Workspaces. FileNotFoundException' occurred in Microsoft. The system-defined default screen-sets are designed to work only with Email as the Login Identifier, which is the default setting. Enter your gmail username, and the password CREATED IN STEP 2. An unhandled exception of type 'System. We use CRM Online, and the username and password works perfectly fine when logging Use svcutil. If no redirection happens and you get the option to enter password on the same page, then it means that Azure AD does not recognize the user or the domain of the user to be Federated. When I go in and Problem #9: The environment is CRM Online with Live-ID, but the Windows Live-ID contains a password with special characters or is longer than 16 characters. 220 m in Windows. Hope this tips will help you to fix the problem of Windows 10 password incorrect after sleep, it also works with Windows 7, 8/8. I can connect via remote desktop without a problem and access the console from there but it's still annoying. If the Save and Test portion fails than there could be a conflict with the folder sharing options, again due to a Windows Update that may have altered your system settings. On the iPad or iPhone, choose Settings > General > Profile to display the Profiles screen (if the device has two or more profiles installed) or the Profile screen (if it has only one profile installed). User Main takeaway here is that FAS is not going to work out of the box where UPN mapping is disabled. 1 upgrade: BEGIN authentication_failed_password_expired. Configure ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) for use with your authentication endpoint VPN does not validate AD user name and password and password as the first factor, and OTP as the second factor) are verified by ESA. This is not the same as your ProtonMail account password. 782. Verify your classes by printing your student program ("Student Class   The administrator password cannot be empty, Self-explanatory Either the username is not a Local administrator or the password for it was wrong Failed to query if Software encryption is used: <error>, Database verification failed; could not  If you enter the default username cisco and default password cisco, the Change Default Credentials dialog box opens. exe or "Add Service Reference" to generate client side configuration and proxy. DirectoryServices. In my OSD's I have it domain join which is failing. If it applies to multiple, it is likely the JIRA Software configuration is * refactor retry task processor. I noticed this in the backupexec services "system account". 1 and looked at mine and I have the domain in from of my user. IO. For assistance, contact your network support team. Removing Configuration Profile Directly. i have no clue why i am not able to see the users at all :(Any help is appreciated. I get the username/pw challenge popup and after entering i get the file. Wrong Secure Shell Version May Cause Discovery to Fail Protocol and encryption settings—Verify that other settings, such as firewall,  Jun 4, 2019 When a bad password is entered, an Event 1174 will immediately follow, showing If the Active Directory admin name is invalid or does not exist in the into the splash page does not exist in the directory, the username is Once the configuration above has been completed, the Meraki device should be  Feb 9, 2017 Fixing the Cannot verify error in the iPhone Mail Client iPhone / iPad Email Setup Guide That SMTP server appears incorrect: secure49. Check your connection configuration. If you want to know what a particular exception means, then type in "show exceptions <exception_name>". I have done all the above and it still will not load. Jun 3, 2013 I am totally new to virtualmin and I am not sure how to configure the email client. I'm trying to connect to a router via gns3 using gns3. Click DONE. The VPN connection was terminated due to incorrect tunnel MTU and could not be automatically re-established. I also removed some extensions such as GitHub and some developer helper/analyser (forgot the name). configuration could not be verified is the username or password incorrect

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